THIS is why I keep posting about doTERRA :)


Some people have noticed that I have been posting a lot about doTERRA essential oils recently on my fb page and asked me about it. I have blogged some about them, but not really the whole story.

I started using essential oils this summer at my cousin’s suggestion. She knew I was struggling with endometriosis, and had heard good things. I was skeptical at first, but she sent me a sample and the rest is history. I began using a blend called Clary Calm on a daily basis, and it has helped immensely. From there, I was hooked. I began using oils for many different things, including my face moisturizer/acne control, to help sleep (since my sleeping has been off since night shift), for pain and swelling in my knee, for nausea and upset stomach, when I was sick and had a terrible cough, congestion, drainage. I use them for my runny nose/allergies almost daily. I use them for headaches. I think of another use to try almost every day.

Besides the actual oils, I have started using their probiotic and multivitamin. I LOVE that I am using an all-natural product to help heal my gut and replace vitamin deficiencies in my body. I have noticed I have a lot more energy since starting this vitamin (versus the previous multivitamin I was taking). For me, this has been what I’ve been looking for for a long time. Yes, I still have to eat right and get sleep to feel my best, but I have noticed an overall increase in my energy each day. The best part is it is all natural, and there are no stimulants. I’d tried other options to try to boost my energy, but they included stimulants, which made my heart race and my body jittery. doTERRA’s definitely don’t do that!

Because of how much they have helped me, I have been loving sharing with others how dT can help them, too! I hope you don’t get annoyed at my facebook posts, but I don’t think I will be able to quit sharing them any time soon. I love doTERRA and how it has helped support my body in a completely natural way.

If you have heard about doTERRA and want to try out some oil samples, please let me know! It’s how I started, and I’d love to do the same for you!

Why did I choose doTERRA? Thanks for asking!… that post is coming next.



Why I Love Frankincense

Whenever I hear the word “Frankincense,” I think of of the story of the birth of Jesus and how the Wise Men brought Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

I recently found out that Frankincense is also a wonderfully useful essential oil. My cousin says, “When in doubt, get the Frankincense out.” Over the past few months I have found this to be true. When I over did it playing basketball and made my right knee angry, I rubbed Frankincense on it to help with swelling and it worked wonders! I also used Deep Blue to help with the pain, but the Frankincense is what took the swelling down and allowed my knee to work again! I’ve also been using Frankincense on my face, along with Melaleuca, for blemishes.

Just this past week I’ve been rubbing Frankincense on Luke’s neck after his tonsillectomy. His uvula and throat were still very swollen a week after surgery. The doctor suggested we could try Prednisone (a steroid) if we wanted to, to decrease swelling faster. However, Luke didn’t want to take more meds than necessary (and the doc said it was optional). Instead of going with the Prednisone, we went with good ol’ Frank instead. The other oil we’ve used a few times this past week is DigestZen. A couple times when Luke was feeling super nauseated, I grabbed the DigestZen to help keep him from puking.

Frankincense has been shown to help support our bodies in many ways! I love reading about all of them! In fact, I really wish I knew about essential oils years ago. It’s been kinda fun to discover my hippie side of late. I’ve slowly been trying to eliminate more synthetics and chemicals out of my daily life, including my shampoo and conditioner, face wash and makeup. Next I hope will be soaps and lotions, but haven’t quite gotten there, yet. Until I turn into a full fledged hippie with flowers in my hair and no deodorant (haha, not!), I’m happy to have found doTERRA essential oils. I’m also happy that whenever I’m in doubt, Frank and I can hang out. Wait, isn’t that how the saying goes?


Edit: Here is a link to another blog on Frankincense. This includes a testimony on how Frankincense has anti-cancer properties!!! I have also heard it helps with depression, vertigo… the list goes on and on!

Surgery Day

There we sat in a waiting room full of people. It never fails that we seem to attract interesting situations.

“Dude! What time is it?!” The fella sitting next to us asked Luke. I’d seen him glancing over here a few times and wondered what was up.


“For real? Good!! Both my wife and I’s phone say 6:30!”
We were sitting in the waiting room for Luke to go back for his tonsillectomy. Good Morning America on TV.  Nothing too exciting, but this guy looked panicked.

“I’ve been sitting here a while, since about 6 and checked my phone and it only said 6:30!! I was sure I’d been here longer than that!” Said the guy.

What messed him up even more was he was waiting for his wife’s surgery to be over and he also had her phone in his pocket. He checked it and it also said 6:30. An hour of his life disappeared, and he felt like he’d been sitting there for forever when, according to the 2 phones, it had only been 30 minutes.

We were able to give him the right time, even though we couldn’t fix the phones.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

Time does drag when you’re waiting for surgery to be over. Thankfully, Luke’s tonsillectomy was short. I was only half done eating my oatmeal when I saw the surgeon come out to the waiting room and look for me. I was surprised to see him so soon.

“Everything went well,” he said. Since I didn’t really have any questions he disappeared quickly. If I had any advice for family members in the surgery waiting room it would be to make a list of questions you’ll want to ask after surgery. It kinda takes you off guard when the surgeon comes out and says they’re done. The questions come later, after the surgeon is no longer around.

I had time to finish my oatmeal before the nurse came and called me back to see Luke. He was still very sleepy. They’d just taken out his oral airway they said. He half opened his eyes. Not sure if he saw me or not. The sweet nurse brought him warm blankets and covered him from head to toe. Then he rolled over onto his side and drifted back into that deep post-anesthesia sleep. I just sat there and stared at him, so glad that he was alright. I see post-op patients all the time. However, the patient had never been my husband before.

We were so thankful for an uneventful surgery, and post-op period. Luke had almost no pain, no nausea, and were able to leave fairly soon after he woke up. We headed home to rest and relax.

Cooking with Chandler

Have you ever made Cake in a Mug? I think it’s pretty much the coolest thing, ever! You don’t have to wait even 10 minutes for a personal sized cake! It just takes 1 minute in the microwave. I think they’re yummy, too. I wanted to share this newfound knowledge with someone, so I traveled the long way down to Derby, Kansas, and had a cooking “class” with my niece and nephews.

First, before we could get down to cooking, we had to go outside and enjoy the beautiful fall air. Titus and I threw the baseball around while the other kids ran around the yard doing random things and yelling, “Look at me!” and “See what I can do?” It was a perfect afternoon! This also warmed our arms up for all the mixing we were about to do. After we had played a while we all headed inside to wash our hands.


To be a real cook, one must wear an apron. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s a rule I try to live by. The boys donned the aprons I had brought and Ella grabbed hers from the its spot on the wall. Then we each picked out the mug we were going to use to make our very own cake. Next we lined up at the kitchen counter.


Making the cakes was fun, and pretty simple! And the best part was instant gratification. After a minute, each had their cake to eat. We put strawberries on top for good measure. I can’t say the kiddos loved them… I’ll hafta find a better recipe for next time. Either way it was a great time.


cooking-at table_Fotor_Collage cooking-at table_Fotor_Collage1
Oh yes, and then after our wonderful cake baking session, they drew us beautiful pictures for our fridge…

An open letter

I like to write notes to express my thoughts. I used to write notes to my basketball coach during practices. Verbal notes. For example, “Dear Coach, Thank you for running us until we are ready to throw up. I really appreciate it. Love, Chandler.” Coach never really appreciated them. However, I have continued writing verbal notes at times to really emphasize a point. Or, just because I like to. There are times, however, when verbal notes – or notes of any sort – wouldn’t really be appropriate. Like when I am frustrated at work. Those thoughts usually have to stay inside my head. But there are times, if I were able, this is what my note would say.


Dear Parent of my Patients,
Today I ask you to please give grace to the nurse that is 10 minutes late with your child’s insulin. You may not realize this but she’s already staying late to be able to dismiss another patient who was forgotten by the doctors earlier that day. Well, not really forgotten, but it seemed to take forever for things to get done for that family too. It doesn’t mean that your nurse doesn’t care about your child. She does. The fact that she came to your room at all means that she chose not to bolt to the exit the instant she was finished giving report. It means she is putting you above herself, even if she was a few minutes later than you wanted.

Please give grace to the nurse who doesn’t have all the answers.The doctor doesn’t give them all to her. Nor, in reality, do they always know everything. Please do not call the unit and berate the nurse for the job she is doing when you have not actually been there. A nurse’s job is taking the best possible care of your child that she can. No, she will not let your child go home if she thinks that there is a possibility that something seriously wrong is going to happen. Yes, she knows what she is talking about. And when she says that your child looks better and has been seriously helped by the care already given, she’s not just saying that to get you off the phone. And, even when you yell at her and get upset at her she will still present your concerns to the doctor. Not because she is happy with you but because she wants to make sure that the symptoms your child are having are not overlooked. For me personally, no matter how you treat me, your child is precious to me and has been given into my care. That is something I do not take lightly.

That’s something else I would like to point out. Assignments are given before the nurses arrive on the unit. The nurse writes names down of children she has never met. Then she takes “report,” which is essentially a 5-10 minute review of their story. Immediately after report the nurse has accepted care of that patient and is expected to care for them. No matter the issue, no matter the background, no matter the family situation. That’s our job. If we happen to tuck your child in differently than you do, or give medicine on a slightly different schedule than you do, or do something else differently, please remember that we do not know your home routine, or you, and are doing our best. It makes it quite a challenge some days!

This note is simply a request to give your nurse some grace. We are busting our butts every day to care for your child and some days it doesn’t seem like you notice or care. You only see when we are five minutes later to the room than you wanted, when really we drop everything as soon as possible to get there. Give us grace, and we will continue to care for your child in the best way we know how.