Our First Lear Family Puke Story

I’m not sure if you saw my status a couple days ago, but this Lear household has officially experienced our first twin stomach bug. The extra interesting part was that we weren’t even home, we were at Papa’s house in Garden City. I’ve never seen my babies so vulnerable and hurting as when they were not feeling well and there was nothing any of us could do to fix it.

The night started out great! We put the boys to bed and then played Ticket to Ride with the cousins. Right about midnight when we went to bed, Boydy woke up teething. Things went downhill from there. He and I were cuddled on the couch in the living room when we heard Troy wake up whimpering.

Troy rarely wakes up in the middle of the night.

It took Luke a few minutes to wake up, but he did. Instead of taking Troy back to bed with him, I heard Luke come out to talk to me.

“He threw up everywhere. What do we do?”

He was right. You might not want to read further if you get queasy easily. There was puke everywhere, including all over Troy. It looked like he’d gone swimming in it.

At this point we had two crying babies because Boydy was mad I’d set him down and Troy was just miserable.

I gave Troy a quick bath while trying to comfort Boydy and while Luke cleaned up the bedroom.

Problem. After the bath he still reeked.

New plan. Luke took Troy to the shower and Boydy and I tried to finish cleaning. Thankfully, Papa came upstairs about this time, because we really needed an extra set of hands.

We got Troy all cleaned up and in new pajamas. I picked him up to go lay down and guess what? He puked again, all over both of us.

We all finally got cleaned up and settled back down. This time Luke with Boydy in the living room on the couch, Troy and I in bed. We were all sharing a room and didn’t want Boydy to be disturbed if Troy got sick again. Which he did.

Troy fell asleep quickly, with beach towels under his head. I listened to his little self breathing. I wondered what would happen if he got sick in my direction, but tried not to think too much about it.

He was so tired he didn’t even wake up the next couple of times he puked. When I woke him up as I was cleaning him up he would smile so sweetly at me and talk to me.

“Hi, Mama,” thrilled to see me.

Then he would lay his head back down as quick as he could. He just wanted to rest.

We had barely fallen asleep after what seemed like forever of the puke/clean up cycle (but had really been about 2 hours) when Luke came in the room carrying Boydy.

“Boydy’s sick now!”

We were able to clean up Boyd while Troy slept. Luke had the boys repeat the alphabet during their showers because it seemed to calm them down, distract and entertain them.

“A,” said Luke.
“A,” said Boyd. And he stopped crying.

I started another load of laundry. We got Boyd in clean pajamas. Luke and Boyd laid down on the floor on beach towels next to the bed. Boydy fussed for me. I laid down next to him.

He was wiped out. His head on a towel. Face pale. Knees tucked under him. And he looked into my eyes.

“Take care of me, Mommy,” his eyes said to me.

“Always, Baby. Forever, or as long as you’ll let me,” I whispered back.

We took care of Boyd for the next couple of hours and all fell asleep somewhere around 6 AM.

It was a long night.

It was an earlier morning than I wanted, Troy only “slept in” until 8.

Boydy still got sick a few more times after he woke up.

We watched Frozen.

Aunt Kathy brought us pedialyte.

We took early, long naps.

We survived.

Honestly, I’ve been terrified of the boys getting really sick for the first time. I didn’t know how we’d survive. I’m just thankful we did. 🙂

To all of you who’ve taken care of multiple sickies before, we now understand you that much better.

To my precious, precious boys who bounced back so quickly, I hope you will always let us hold you, and comfort you, lay next to you, and take care of you.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect our first puking experience to cause such an expansion of love in my Mommy heart.

Even so, I’m glad it’s over.


2 thoughts on “Our First Lear Family Puke Story

  1. Love this one! We’ve never had a stomach bug go through the house but i love that it expanded your mommy heart. You write your stories so interesting and entertaining.


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