5 Reasons I Chose doTERRA Essential Oils

Don’t worry, I know that doTERRA is not the only oil company out there. I also know that essential oils are pretty popular right now, and choosing a good company is difficult. Let me tell you why I recommend doTERRA oils!

Gift of th Earth.indd

First, I’ve heard people complain about the up front cost of dT oils. For me, I know that corners are cut when you buy a cheap product. dT is a quality product, and they are worth the cost. dT uses outside testing to verify the purity of their products. These testing systems are not on the dT payroll, and will tell it like it is. If a batch is not pure, they don’t sell it.

Even though I think dT oils are worth the price, I always love a good deal! Signing up for doTERRA allows me to get a 25% off discount. Plus, when I signed up for the Loyalty rewards program I get my shipping costs back in points toward products, and I get a percentage of each order back in points as well. 1 point = $1 in oils. Right now I have about 146 points to use towards oils. I’m pumped to make a big order this month!

Support Team:
I am super thankful for the way dT is set up. I have an awesome upline of people who have been using oils a lot longer than I have. I can ask multiple people questions at any time if I need help with a health issue or how to use a particular oil. This is huge! If I had just bought oils but didn’t know how to use them, I would have stopped.

Co-Impact Sourcing:
If you have known me long, you know I have a heart for other countries. The owners of doTERRA have a similar heart as mine. Each oil is grown in its natural environment, meaning that the oils are grown all over the world. dT works hard to build good relationships with their growers. Not only does this ensure a quality product, but it also helps the community where the oils are grown. It provides jobs and income for the community. This is a short video that explains it better than I can! I love a company that has a heart for the world.


Customer Service:
The few times I’ve needed to call CS, they are amazing! They work with me and definitely make me feel like they care about me as a customer. They also have a chat option that helps when I’m doing a million other things at once.

Want to know more about essential oils? Join my Online Intro Class at https://www.facebook.com/events/832203986851848/


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