Surgery Day

There we sat in a waiting room full of people. It never fails that we seem to attract interesting situations.

“Dude! What time is it?!” The fella sitting next to us asked Luke. I’d seen him glancing over here a few times and wondered what was up.


“For real? Good!! Both my wife and I’s phone say 6:30!”
We were sitting in the waiting room for Luke to go back for his tonsillectomy. Good Morning America on TV.  Nothing too exciting, but this guy looked panicked.

“I’ve been sitting here a while, since about 6 and checked my phone and it only said 6:30!! I was sure I’d been here longer than that!” Said the guy.

What messed him up even more was he was waiting for his wife’s surgery to be over and he also had her phone in his pocket. He checked it and it also said 6:30. An hour of his life disappeared, and he felt like he’d been sitting there for forever when, according to the 2 phones, it had only been 30 minutes.

We were able to give him the right time, even though we couldn’t fix the phones.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

Time does drag when you’re waiting for surgery to be over. Thankfully, Luke’s tonsillectomy was short. I was only half done eating my oatmeal when I saw the surgeon come out to the waiting room and look for me. I was surprised to see him so soon.

“Everything went well,” he said. Since I didn’t really have any questions he disappeared quickly. If I had any advice for family members in the surgery waiting room it would be to make a list of questions you’ll want to ask after surgery. It kinda takes you off guard when the surgeon comes out and says they’re done. The questions come later, after the surgeon is no longer around.

I had time to finish my oatmeal before the nurse came and called me back to see Luke. He was still very sleepy. They’d just taken out his oral airway they said. He half opened his eyes. Not sure if he saw me or not. The sweet nurse brought him warm blankets and covered him from head to toe. Then he rolled over onto his side and drifted back into that deep post-anesthesia sleep. I just sat there and stared at him, so glad that he was alright. I see post-op patients all the time. However, the patient had never been my husband before.

We were so thankful for an uneventful surgery, and post-op period. Luke had almost no pain, no nausea, and were able to leave fairly soon after he woke up. We headed home to rest and relax.

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