Cooking with Chandler

Have you ever made Cake in a Mug? I think it’s pretty much the coolest thing, ever! You don’t have to wait even 10 minutes for a personal sized cake! It just takes 1 minute in the microwave. I think they’re yummy, too. I wanted to share this newfound knowledge with someone, so I traveled the long way down to Derby, Kansas, and had a cooking “class” with my niece and nephews.

First, before we could get down to cooking, we had to go outside and enjoy the beautiful fall air. Titus and I threw the baseball around while the other kids ran around the yard doing random things and yelling, “Look at me!” and “See what I can do?” It was a perfect afternoon! This also warmed our arms up for all the mixing we were about to do. After we had played a while we all headed inside to wash our hands.


To be a real cook, one must wear an apron. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s a rule I try to live by. The boys donned the aprons I had brought and Ella grabbed hers from the its spot on the wall. Then we each picked out the mug we were going to use to make our very own cake. Next we lined up at the kitchen counter.


Making the cakes was fun, and pretty simple! And the best part was instant gratification. After a minute, each had their cake to eat. We put strawberries on top for good measure. I can’t say the kiddos loved them… I’ll hafta find a better recipe for next time. Either way it was a great time.


cooking-at table_Fotor_Collage cooking-at table_Fotor_Collage1
Oh yes, and then after our wonderful cake baking session, they drew us beautiful pictures for our fridge…

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