When you don’t want to bowl your own game…

“Excuse me, sir?” The lady bowling next to us said. Luke hadn’t heard her, so I got his attention. We were out bowling with some of Luke’s coworkers. We had two lanes going and were having a great time! On the other side of us was a sweet family who had several adorable kiddos. Luke and I had been joking and playing with them for a while. Now it was their momma talking to us. “Sir, could you bowl for me?” She was looking back over her shoulder while she spoke.

Luke, ever the knight-in-shining-armour, agreed to the odd request. He gentlemanly bowled her a spare.

“Thanks!” She said, then decided to explain herself. “I have a bet going with my husband, and I want to win!” Luke and I laughed and went back to bowling on our own lane. A few minutes later, the lady’s husband returned. “Whoa!” He said when he noticed his wife’s/Luke’s spare (along with a few other choice words that don’t need to be repeated). He was genuinely stunned that she had done so well. It made Luke and I laugh pretty hard. The best part is she never told him. How do I know? Every time her husband was gone to get snacks or change the baby’s diaper she asked Luke to bowl for her. It was great. She still ended up losing, but at least her score wasn’t terrible at the end.


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