How We Get Hulu Plus For Free

If you know me very well, you know that I love free things. I mean, I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE free things. I’m the sucker who does free trials to get free products. I sign up for free samples in the mail. Sometimes of things I don’t even use! If I get anything good that we won’t use I give them away to someone who can. On my days off I spend way too much time clicking buttons to earn free gift cards from Swagbucks. Most people give up after trying it, but I’ve figured out some decent ways to earn swagbucks, so I keep up with it. Hey, I figure if I would just be sitting around watching TV for a bit, I might as well have my laptop going on swagbucks videos or something to earn a few.

Anyway… this post is really not about swagbucks. It’s about another favorite rewards program, Bing Rewards. And THAT, my friends, is how we get Hulu Plus, a $7.99/month service, for free.


Bing Rewards is a free service you can sign up for and earn points. You earn 1 point for every 2 searches you make. When you first start out the max points you can earn per day are 15 (at least that’s how it was when I signed up). You can earn an additional 10 points daily on your smartphone through the Bing Rewards mobile search. Then, once you reach Gold status, you can search and earn up to 30 points daily on your computer, and 10 daily on your smartphone/mobile device.
This may seem like a nuisance, but it takes only a minute or two of your time daily. In fact, I just click on one of the currently trending pictures, then click on related searches until I’ve earned my points for the day. Once you reach Gold status (I thiiiiink it’s when you’ve earned 150 points, but I can’t remember), a month of Hulu Plus uses 420 of your Bing Rewards points. It costs 450 points before Gold status. Last month they ran a special where Hulu Plus was only 300 points. And some days they allow you to earn more than the 15 or 30 reward points you can normally earn.
 Hulu Plus


You can also earn Amazon or Restaurant gift cards, if you’d rather. I’ve just found the point value for the Hulu Plus subscription is a much better deal! Once I’m a few months ahead on my subscription I usually do get an Amazon gift card here or there too.

I have a feeling that not everyone is going to be as excited as I am about this, but to me it’s super cool! I wish they had Netflix subscriptions too!


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