Phone chargers, anyone?

In a moment of emergency, you might grab your phone before you ran out the door, but the odds of you remembering your phone charger are not great. Especially if it’s a medical emergency. Quite a few of the parents of our hospital patients experience the same thing. I’ve donated a few chargers to the affectionately called “charger bucket” at work, but they disappear so fast. The bucket sometimes gets refilled by chargers that are left and no one bothers to come back and retrieve them. Right now the only chargers left are so old I doubt there are even phones out there that use them.

So… I was thinking. Do any of YOU have old chargers that don’t work for your current phone? We get the most requests for Android, iPhone 4/4s, and iPhone 5/5s/5c chargers.

If you’d like to donate an old phone charger, just let me know! I’m sure that you will make the day of someone stuck in the hospital with a dead battery, and lots of family to keep updated!

charger bucket


4 thoughts on “Phone chargers, anyone?

    • Great job! You also travel a lot, and probably realize the necessities to grab quickly. Or maybe you’re just smarter than the average bear.


    • We share them when we have them! We ask for them to be returned, too… But lately there have been a lot more leaving than coming back! 🙂


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