Just another day in the life…

After the second time our blender bottom dropped out right as I finished the absolutely perfect berry smoothie, I had had it. It happened as I was getting ready for work. What perfect timing! The bottom fell out as I took the blender off the base to pour it into my glass. Luke is so sweet and was in the kitchen in an instant and helped me clean it up. He probably thought I was dying by the cries he heard coming from the kitchen. I was so bummed to lose the entire smoothie that I began scraping the smoothie off the counter and into the glass. Thankfully the counter had been cleaned recently. Errrr’, at least I hope it had. Either way, I was able to booster my immune system with the probiotics in the yogurt and whatever else the counter added.

Oh, and by saying Luke helped clean I actually mean that as I was late for work I had to leave everything as it was… and the kitchen was spotless when I came home. I told him just to trash the old blender. What good is a blender that can’t hold its contents anyway?! It was fine when we didn’t use it much and before the bottom started falling out for no reason. But now?! I was done. Goodbye blender.

I almost cried again (good tears this time) when I got home from work that evening and there was a brand spankin’ new beautiful blender sitting on my kitchen counter. Luke had gone out and gotten me one as a surprise.

Today I enjoyed a yummy greek yogurt/ almond milk/ blueberry/ raspberry/ strawberry smoothie thoroughly. My favorite part was when I took it off the base to pour, and the entire thing flowed beautifully from the blender into the glass without a problem.


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