the secret to a…

the secret to a good night of work begins with getting there on time.
a night of work usually goes better if report is short and a nurse can start gathering herself before meds are due around 2000 or 2100.
nevermind that everyone around me seemed to be in a bad mood last night. i’d heard the phrase “wow, i really just don’t want to be here tonight” many times as my shift started.
i was determined to be positive.
determined not to let their bad moods get to me. my night was going to be good, no matter what.
at this time a patient needed pain meds. that’s normal. someone, somewhere always needs pain meds. that gave me a good place to start. i went and pulled them and headed to the room.
//would the owner of a gray hyundai license plate yaddayaddayadda and the owner of a white impala license plate yaddayaddayadda please call the operater// said the voice on the intercom.
that is not the beginning of a good evening. mostly because one of those cars was mine.
what are the odds, really, of all the people in the hospital that i would hear my car described over the intercom?
after speaking to the operater and the completely incompetent security guard it was determined that someone had forgotten to leave her car in gear, and seeing as it is a manual, her car rolled backwards into the side of another car in the parking garage.
there i was, ready to begin passing meds, a patient already in pain and needing me, things to do, people to see, places to go… and instead i’m frantically finding someone to give pain meds while i run to the parking garage to move my car out of the way of other cars, to inspect the damage to the other car, to deal with the security guard.
remind me never to be so determined to have a good night, because it seemed the more determined i became to be positive, the more things turned against me.
i pride myself in only asking for help if absolutely necessary. i’m new. i don’t want my coworkers to think i can’t handle it.
last night i couldn’t handle it.
my charge nurse answered one family’s questions and then worked on finding a heating pad and commode for me while another two nurses passed my meds, my aide took care of my extra vital signs, another nurse made phone calls to doctors, helped assess and revive an unresponsive patient, while others fixed beeping iv pumps and all the while i was dealing with an angry patient, transfusing blood in two rooms, calling doctors, talking to beforementionedangrypatient’s family, giving meds, taking blood sugars, answering questions and altogether running around like a chickenwithmyheadcutoff.
was last night a full moon? because it sure seemed like it should have been!
what’s crazy is we weren’t understaffed at all. we actually had extra helpers (which saved me!). i had a patient load that i’ve easily handled before. i had a great aide and great charge nurses and other nurses with slower nights doing all sorts of odd jobs for me. it’s just that saying “when it rains it pours” and last night it poured on me.
but no worries, right? my car is fine.


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