sunday afternoon softball

you know it’s hot when you leave your cold coffee in your car to reheat it.

and in just such kansas heat we choose to play softball. against a team with big mouths and little humility. they wouldn’t swing unless the pitch was perfect and got mad at us when chose to be picky. they bad-mouthed their own team when someone messed up.

and in such kansas heat we sometimes make mistakes, which put us behind “a lot to a little” in the words of joel. “prolly not much of a chance,” says he, as we stood dripping from sweat in the outfield. the lead off batter of the second to last inning was one of their best, which didn’t help the situation any. as the batter swung and connected with the ball, i realized it was coming straight at me. and i did what any self-respecting outfielder who usually plays right field and hasn’t seen a ball in weeks would do, i ran in on it. causing it to go sailing above my head.

frustrating. to say the least. as is losing when it’s over a hundred degrees outside.

i could have caught it, too. if i’da just stayed where i was.

nic scooped it up. no wait. he missed it, too. but he recovered faster than i did, and sent a zinger towards third base. i turned around just in time to see the third baseman catch nic’s throw and tag out the runner. 1 down. i can’t remember how the next two batters went down, but they did. a 1-2-3 inning.

we started the next inning at the end of our batting order. dj, then me. dj walked, i got a base hit. then bryce walked, walking the girl behind him… and it continued. until micaela declares “we have to be up now!”

and we were. 15-11. we held them the bottom of that inning, too. and we won. a come from behind win! even in sunday afternoon softball it’s fun to play well and win. i was so excited i felt like running around like a crazy person. instead i came home to air conditioning and wrote a blog post. 😀


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