i think i’ll pass

my anecdote of the day.
don’t worry if you don’t find it funny. i still will 🙂

this wifebeater wearing kid (ok, he was around 18) and his mom came to my window at work today.

“you called me at just the right time! i’d just finished my game!” says the kid, indicating he’d been playing on the cellphone in his hand. it was his mom’s.

we began processing their business in the office and the kid starts to tell me about some possible money he’s going to be getting soon. i didn’t bother to ask where from or anything like that.

his next line is: “you wanna go to dinner?”

“shut up!” says the mom.

trying to be nice i replied: “you’re too young for me.”

“age is all a mindset,” was his comeback.

“then no,” said i.

the whole time he was playing whatever game on his cellphone and his mom is continuing to tell him to shut up, while i’m just trying to get enough relative information out of them to finish up.

at this point he started going off on something about how he could get lost in my eyes but he was interrupted by the phone in his hand going off.

it was his girlfriend.

“love ya babe, gotta go,” he said.

guess he’s already taken? so confused.

found out later that i couldn’t have gone out with him anyway. my adopted big brother at work hadn’t gotten to meet/approve or disprove him. aww. too bad. maybe next time.


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