she’s with Jesus now :)

Friday, June 3, 2011, my Grandma Vena (my dad’s mom), went to be with her Jesus. Dad said it was a very peaceful time. Her funeral will be at 10:30 Wednesday morning.

For me, it was a little surreal. I was spending the weekend downtown for Adventures in Character, a homeschool children’s program. As one of the stage leaders, I knew I would be tied up for a few days, so I’d said goodbye to Grandma on Tuesday night. About noon on Friday Chase came into the AIC area and told me that Grandma had passed away. It wasn’t a shock. We knew that it was coming. It was relief mixed with heartache. Now I know that she is completely at peace, sitting at the feet of Jesus. I am thankful for that. Watching the end of her life over the past few weeks, all I wanted was to take her pain away. Thankfully, Jesus has now done that.

Things are finally starting to sink in now. Going from an uplifting, exciting weekend like AIC to funeral planning isn’t exactly what I would have liked to do. Today, I’ve been singing AIC songs with Titus, and also planning music for the funeral. So strange.

I think my whole family has decided that 2 funerals in 6 months is too many. Yet, I wouldn’t have wanted to prolong my grandma’s life. She was ready.

Some of my favorite memories of Grandma (and Granddad too) are from a family vacation in North Carolina when I was ten years old. I had broken my foot and was in a cast, so I couldn’t participate in all of the activities. Instead, I got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. Grandma and I refereed the “Family Olympics” (complete with the black and white striped shirts and whistles). And Granddad and I became videographers of the rest of the family tubing down a river.

More recently, in the past 6 months, I’ve had the pleasure of picking grandma up for church on Sunday mornings. Some of those mornings we had great conversations about her childhood –on the days her memory was better. I’ve also visited her several times and played her favorite hymns on the piano. She always has loved listening to her grandkids play and sing. Before her recent strokes she would sing along on the hymns she could remember.

I loved my grandma very much. I’m going to miss Granddad and Grandma a lot. I also know they were each 89 when they passed away, and had lived full and complete lives. Their legacy will continue on for generations to come. I’m thankful they are safely with our Heavenly Father.


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