sounds like life.

//sounds like life to me. it ain’t no fantasy. it’s just a common case of everyday reality//

good song. especially because it’s written by a guy named darryl worley [who when i first heard about him i thought it was worley darryl]. going around with a name like that would be a non fantastical life experience in and of itself. trust me, i know. i come with the last name of hiebsch. which rhymes with sheepsh and not much else. which, as you may already know, isn’t a word.

not saying i mind. there’s pride to be had in being able to say the word “hiebsch,” much less being able to spell it. in fact, i love my last name. i’ve gotten to where i spell it “h-i-e-b-as-in-boy-s-c-h.” just like that. because otherwise who knows what kind of a spelling you’re going to get. well. really. spelling it goes something like this:

“h-i-e….i…e…yes, that’s right…h-i-e…no, e… yes…e-b-as-in-boy, yes, boy-s-c-h, no… no vowels near the end. lemme check. very good. hmmm, actually it would be good if you switched the ‘i’ and the ‘e.’ ahh yes. much better.”

or something like that. i remember seeing something of my sis-in-law tiffany’s with her last name on it not too long ago. i’m pretty sure it said “hipbsch”. and i thought four consonants in a row was a lot. don’t worry. they’ve been married a few years now and she’s come up with her own system of spelling her somewhat recently acquired last name. i hope it’s working for her so she can pass it on to any future sis-in-laws i may get. and hopefully i will. no pressure, brothers.

then… there’s always the pronunciation issue. i’ve gotten everything from “hips” to “hee-bish” to “hi-besh,” to “hiboski.”

really though. honestly. really and honestly. i’d be so bored if i had the last name of jones or johnson. you don’t even hafta spell those, at least more than once. unless, of course, you’re dealing with an especially spelling-challenged clerk. then it may become difficult. if your name is jones or johnson and i’m wrong about this, please feel free to correct me. but that’s beside the point.

the point is i have a weird last name. no. not even that is the point. the point is that life is what you make out of it. i know, i know, that point is a little bit far fetched… or is it?

one thing that i have to keep reminding myself of over and over and over and over again is that life is the here and now. oh yes, without hope for my future i couldn’t survive either. but deciding that *all* of my thoughts and desires and happiness are yet to come? that will in no way benefit me at all.

i get caught up in self-created dramas that make me feel like i just wanna crawl in a hole and hide. or the stress of school. or whatever my monumental crisis may be at the moment.

what makes each day a little better are crazy little things like my strange, german last name that no one can pronounce. and actually being able to see out of my car windshield when it’s raining thanks to new windshield wipers. and the God-given gifts like the sunshine that comes after a rain. the sun always brightens my day…

i’m thankful for afternoons like today’s, when i get to spend time talking with a wonderful friend [who is a huge encouragement in reminding me to be thankful and content no matter where i am], and we also were able to be productive. i’m thankful for my job, and also that it’s only part time so that i still can focus on school. i’m thankful that finals are almost here, which means summer break. i’m thankful for hugs and kisses from my niece and nephews. i’m thankful for the sweet little baby that has been gracing our house with her presence lately. i’m thankful for nursing school classmates who not only help me with careplans, they also listen to me ramble on my “i’m frustrated” days. and, among other things, i’m thankful for my not so common last name.

//you gotta hold on tight just enjoy the ride. get used to all this unpredictability. sounds like life – darryl worley//


2 thoughts on “sounds like life.

  1. I loved my maiden name of hiebsch and really truly had an identity crisis when i had to change it! I still bring up my maiden name in conversation as much as I can and (if at all applicable) my entire maiden name, including both middle names. Ryan and Erin say “H I E B as in boy S C H like school” I thought that last part was smart! Loved this post!

    Hunter “Hiebsch” Clayburn

    ps-I still have to spell clayburn a lot because people think we are claiborne-but its not near as fun as hiebsch!


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