counting down the days.

week 5 of 16 is where i currently am. of the semester. february.
some people count down days to their wedding, or until the end of their pregnancy. i count down days until… graduation! i started the countdown last semester in august or september. life was throwing me blows that i was having trouble fighting off with a smile… i was struggling a lot. and i realized it helped a lot to make a list of things to look forward to. at the time i had (the ones i can remember):

november: birthday, car insurance rates go down, baby hiebsch #3. december: end of semester 2, christmas and christmas break. january: passion conference in atlanta, beginning of semester 3.

my little landmarks may not seem like big ones to you (besides of course Josiah’s entry into the world)… but looking forward to the small things, and then checking them off have helped me get through some diffifult moments.

february: colby home, new phone, one fourth done with semester 3. march: halfway point of the semester. april: 3/4 done. may: done with semester 3! august: the beginning of my last semester of school for a veeeeerrrryyyy looooooonnnng tiiiiiime.

right now i’m taking things one day at a time. oh sure, my health insurance runs out again in a few months and i probably should do laundry before friday when i need a clean pair of scrubs (is pair of scrubs correct? set of scrubs? when i need clean scrubs?)… point is. i’m living in today. but i’m oh so excitedly looking forward to december. and freedom.


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