remembering 9/11

today is 9/11. odd that i can say that to almost anyone from the usa and they will nod in understanding. 9/11 was an event so huge that it needs no other explanation than just those words.

where were you?

i was actually still in bed asleep. chase came upstairs and told me that a plane had hit the twin towers. my immediate reaction was that perhaps a small piper jet had accidentally crashed into a radio tower [or something like that]. when i realized the true terror of what had happened, i can remember being glued to the television, watching every update. i believe we were watching the news when the second plane hit.

when catastrophes occur you desire with all of your being to take them away. to go back to five minutes before and change what happened. but it’s too late. you can’t.

a lot has happened since then. ground zero is being rebuilt. many people, like myself, who were further removed from the situation have moved on with our daily lives and don’t think about 9/11 much. except when a pastor in florida decides to burn the quran, or there is controversy about a mosque trying to be built on ground zero.

today is different, though. it’s a day that i feel we should stop and remember. we should reminisce about where we were, how we felt. do you remember how unified the u.s. became after that day? do you remember how we loved and supported our troops, firefighters, police, rescue teams, anyone and everyone who was helping? ny mayor rudy giuliani became our hero. and those famous pictures of president bush speaking to the workers through a megaphone… who could ever forget?

i am definitely one who says don’t dwell on the past. don’t live in guilt, sadness, or fear. however, neither can we forget our nation’s history; the events that have made us who we are, and our country the way it is. take a second today to remember 9/11.


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