no, i’m not.

three little letters to describe an insane day.
background info?
well, we’re in the middle of an incredible heatwave, a tropical heatwave some might say. yesterday it was 108 degrees, today just about the same. people really should stay indoors. those who don’t tend to get extremely warm, which doesn’t calm their tempers at all.
today it felt like everyone, their brother, and their dog said “what? record setting heatwave? yes! let’s all go get our social security cards!” and so they all did.
most days at work are interesting.
today was over the top.
not to mention it’s the third of the month. the first and the third are always the worst.
usually around lunchtime the wait in the lobby reaches 45 minutes to an hour. today, the only time the wait was under an hour was at the moment our doors opened. please take a minute to imagine how people might act to a government employee, on a boiling hot day, after waiting over an hour. especially when they didn’t get what they wanted.

one of the first gentleman i had at my window began shaking terribly by the time he left. i asked him if there was anything i could do for him. he told me no. he told our security guard differently after he collapsed in the parking lot before making it to his car. got a nice gash in his head, too. or so i heard. the ems came, but the man refused to go with them. i hope he’s ok!

spanish interviews always bring back memories, and i had a few of those today, too. my favorite was the mother and daughter from guatemala. i miss guatemala. they loved it that i’d visited their country. they also made sure to correct my spanish. between mexico/peru/guatemala, i have no clue what type of spanish i speak. some sort of chanish, i guess.

i heard a lady crying/bawling/screaming from a few windows down today. not sure what she wanted or needed. i think she might have gotten further with her interview if she’d have relaxed a bit. really, we ARE here to help, believe it or not.

one man i talked to was extremely rude to me [ehhh… normal, i mean], so i was a little surprised to hear him say “thanks” as he walked away. i was less surprised to hear him add “for nothing” under his breath. i called out after him, “thank you, too! and have a nice day!” seriously. i would love to help him. however, it’s his responsibility to bring me the correct documents [i.e. a proper id]. until then i am bound by law as to how much i can do for him.

who else did i talk to today?

the lady who brought me way too many documents and just kept handing them to me without listening. the twin who accidentally brought in her sisters information instead of her own. the daily twenty new brides changing their names, faces glowing, rings sparkling, and the daily ten-or-so women, changing their names back due to divorce. there was the dad who didn’t bring the right documents for his children, the mom who was applying [without success] for her adult son, and… the interview that sticks out most in my mind is this…

i was half sitting on my tall chair, she was on the other side of the window. we were halfway holding a conversation whilst i worked… and she asked me “are you having a boy?” excuse me? am i having a what? “a boy,” she’d said. ouch. ouch. ouch. i broke the news to her that i am not having a boy. nor a girl. i am not pregnant and there is no possible way that i could be. she changed the subject rather abruptly. i finished helping her. she left. that was that.

but wait. really?


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