mexico on my mind

things i have not yet done today:
– taken a shower, put on makeup, or even washed my face.
– changed out of what i wore to bed.

starting off a note like that might lead one to believe that i have been lazy and unproductive today. and of course that decision can still be made by the observer for him or herself. however, i would beg to differ.

coming home from another place, another country, always causes my mind to work at hyperspeeds. everything i learned/saw/lived/was/am/heard/smelled/taught/sang/spoke processes through my head at an incredible pace. staying home is often the best decision on days like these. today, i took the time to deep clean parts of my room/closets. my garage sale pile has increased a little, my trash pile a lot. i’m not sure why cleaning can be so relaxing at times. possibly it’s the physical removal of clutter that also helps my brain to think clearer.

it’s hard to describe really what i did today. amidst laundry, unpacking, and my random and furious cleaning session, i spent a lot of time thinking. about, well, everything. like, how i need to trim my toenails, the fact that i never wear those orange sweatpants that i just can’t seem to get rid of, and about mexico. amazing how one week can really shake a person up.

this trip was different than any i’ve been on before. we had five worship services between saturday-tuesday. we visited 18 homes, talked to many, many people. met a few amazing Christians, talked to lots of searching people. by the end of the week we’d drive through the little town and see children and adults we knew, who we could now call friends. crazy.

during the visits robb would pull out his guitar and we’d sing a praise chorus or two, then pastor would share the gospel message and robb would translate. and either cynthia, jonathan, or i would share our testimonies. it was easy to see that robb has spent many hours taking the time to really get to know these people. he knew them by name, who they were related to, what hardships they were going through, where they were in relation to knowing about God… etc. even driving through town he’d point people out and tell us a little about them. his heart for these people is obvious. i know his town is in good hands.

some of my most prominent memories….
* on monday night one of the little girls who came kept complaining she was hurting. we found out that she hadn’t eaten in a while, so we gave her some food.
* another little girl fell a little ways off a toy car over a short ledge. i picked her up and held her. she didn’t want to get down until her siblings told her it was time to go.
* we went a little out of town and met an elderly couple, who didn’t have money for food. some of the girls had already stopped by, and had gone to buy some groceries for them.
* one teenage girl that came to every service.
* vicky’s amazing hard work and cooking; even at eight and a half months pregnant.
* isaias’s voice yelling “ayudame, papa. ayuda!”, “todos agordos”, and “rrrrrayo mcqueen”.
* late night talks with cynthia.
* jonathan’s excitement when spanish would click for him.
* cynthia and i led a teenage Bible class one night (completely last minute!).
* everyone standing around and talking the last night, eating food, and sincerely enjoying themselves.

coming back leaves a hole in my heart. i always want to do more. ease the hurting, share hope, feed, hold, and hug the children.

instead. here i am. cleaning my room, buying health insurance for school, chillin’ out before another week of work starts.

maybe someday God will allow me to go long term. for now, i’ll let my mind wander back to the hills of southern mexico, and thank God for the amazing time we had there.


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