what a freak

i’m a little bit of a grammar freak. just so you know. i usually try not to mention when i see other people’s mistakes, but as my brothers know, there are times when i just cannot be silent [especially concerning their fb statuses that the whole world can see]. i must admit i’ve become more lax as of late… one reason is texting. i used to spell out every word and make my texts perfect. then i realized there was a character limit, it took forever, and gave me headaches. so now i simply try to make them legible.

sometimes though, there are still moments when i stop and shake my head at the misuse of the english language. for example: this week in class.

monday: my professor used the word “orientate.” i am sorry, but “orientate” is not a word. the word is “orient.” when you begin a new job you go to orientation to orient yourself to it. if you look “orientate” up online you’ll get differing opinions. it’s been added to most online dictionaries because it is frequently used. yet, i contend that it is not a word. another example of this were to be if you said “adaptate,” instead of adapt. so not cool. if you care to differ i’d love to hear your opinion. the reason why i even care to mention this word is that on
tuesday: my lab professor used the same word. two professors in one week.  i’m proud of my professor on
wednesday: because she didn’t make any huge grammar errors. that is, until
thursday: when she used “diagnosises” in place of “diagnoses,” and “hypothesises” instead of “hypotheses.” i’m not going to explain the wrongness of those words.

so. i just hadta get that off my chest. now, you are all free to make fun of me whenever you find typos in my writing. i’d almost rather you tell me anyway so i can get it fixed.


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