i’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader

when i go running and i see someone else running/walking/biking/exercising in some form, i often have a deep desire to run up beside them and cheer them on. “good work!” “keep it up!” “you can do it!” …the only thing that keeps me from doing it is i wonder what they would think. would they think i was mocking them? what would you think?

while watching the downhill skiing in the olympics this winter, there was a man who was present in the area whenever a skiier from the usa would go. i’m pretty sure i heard the commentators say that he was a professional cheerleader. the athlete told him the best way to get them going, and he would cheer them on in that way [i.e. yelling in their face, speaking encouraging words, etc]. i bet i could do that job. i’d love to cheer people on for a living.

we need cheerleaders in our daily lives, too. it’s funny to me how encouraging it is to me to see the facebook statuses [stati?] of fellow nursing students when i’m working on a huge project. while our frustration is apparent, we can lean on each other because we know we are not alone.

this week, i challenge you, my reader [all 3 of you!] to do one of two things.
1. take a second to encourage someone. you may never know how much it means to them.
2. thanks someone who has encouraged you in the past. let them know that it did make a difference.


2 thoughts on “i’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader

  1. Ok. I will do it and let you know how it goes! 🙂
    I’ll do part of #2 now. Thank you for being an encourager! Oh, it was more in what I read than to me directly, but it encouraged me to be a better man, that there were certainly sisters in Christ striving hard to do right and so I should too. 🙂


    • aww, thanks greek! now get out there and encourage others! (haha, i know that’s something you really work hard at! so thanks to you, too!)


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