pros vs. cons

This day just seems like a pro/con type of a day. And since the pros outweigh the cons, I think it counts as a good day.

Cons: Pros:
– I didn’t want to wake up this morning. – Once I woke up I was oddly in a good mood.
– I was super tired all day. – I didn’t fall asleep during class.
– I didn’t get my nap. – I spent my break working out for the first time in a while.
– It was cold! – It was sunny!
– My arm still hurts from my TDAP – My TDAP was the last thing I had to get checked off to be able to go to clinicals next week!
– Homework, homework, homework. – My cousin is so close to having her baby.
– Chik-Fil-A for lunch
– K-state won at Baylor and I got to watch it online.
– Chocolate Chip cookies. Yum!
– my bf is taking Spanish 1 and sent me random texts in Spanish
– I wore jeans I’ve had since I was a sophomore (in highschool!)
– I got to see Colin rock it on the b-ball court.

– Finally got some folders. By next week I may be ready for nursing school to start!


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