and we’re back [to school]

The past week has been incredibly exhausting. However, Britney Spears just came on my iTunes, so that makes everything better’

Nursing school started on Tuesday, thanks to Monday’s holiday. I’m not used to 3 hour lectures and labs. It’s great information! Just hard overall.

Also, my Grandma [on my Dad’s side] had a stroke on Tuesday night, and has been in the hospital since Wednesday morning. She’s doing better and will be getting out tomorrow, but has to go to a long-term care facility for a while for rehab, as she’s pretty weak.

Between figuring out how to read a syllabus again, visiting the hospital, buying books, equipment/uniform, getting back into school mode, and looking for a job… I hafta say that I’m tired.

Hopefully I’ll cope better with returning to a busy schedule this week 🙂

Now, back to homework…


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