The oddest things make me all teary eyed…

While the freedom I have from being jobless is, well, awfully freeing… it also has it’s down side. First of all, I’m getting a little bored. Second of all, I have no money to go do anything to combat that boredom. I purposefully did not go out and grab a job at Mickey D’s the minute I stepped foot back on US soil. I needed time to readjust. But the time has come; I am officially or unofficially in the hunt for a job.

That is what led me to the WorkForce center this morning at 8:30, being read verbatim test instructions like I was back in middle school taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Yes, even though I was homeschooled I participated in yearly standardized testing. It was actually one of my favorite parts of the year, because it was like a family reunion. I had several friends who I only saw once a year during the day of testing. [You can imagine how adjusting to college life and seeing the same people daily might have been a little difficult for me]. And the snacks! Mom always packed the best snacks for the ITBS. Or, if I didn’t like what we brought I could trade with any one of my friends for an even better option. Ahh yes, such was the life…

Anyway, back to my test this morning…

I’ve heard that working for the census is a great short term job. Welp, the first thing they make you do is take a test… before any interview they first want to see your skills [sadly, nunchuck and bowhunting skills were not on the list]. I finished a few minutes early, and randomly was scribbling on my scratch piece of paper [that had to be returned with the test… how come my best drawings are always on my scratch paper…], listening to the sound of the people around me who were still hard at work.

The man to my right had come prepared for the weather in insulated work jeans and heavy coat. His Stetson and the brand of his jeans implied he was most comfortable away from the bustle of the city. The man on my far right had talked earlier about how he had attended some college but had not yet graduated. The woman on my left had finished a few minutes before I did and was now reading a book. She seemed to be earnestly in search of some type of employment, as she had also been filling out applications for other jobs before the test. They were probably in their mid 50s-60s. An odd group we were.

The test itself wasn’t difficult; but it did make you think. The questions were written in such a way as to be slightly confusing… and it took some thinking to straighten them out and realize the question often was really simple. Considering we had an average of just over a minute per question, it made sense that the two men didn’t finish.

And that’s when it happened… As time counted down, my bored scribblings turned to grateful thoughts. To think that I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to have done so much already in my life. I have been supported by many many people. My education, missions work, traveling, basketball playing, …everything has been aided by one person or another. Praise God that I am so loved.


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