I’m kinda wishing something is wrong with my knee…

…because then I’d know what do do to make it better.

It’s been hurting me for the past two weeks… well… longer than that… but excruciating pain at times in the past two weeks. The past few days it’s been feeling a little better, but still not the best.

7 reasons why going to the doctor is like being on the Bachelor…

…it can make you cry.
…you sit and wait and wait and wait to hear your name called.
…there are many hoops you must go through before actually getting to see them.
…one on one time is extremely valuable.
…you only have a few minutes actually with them so you have to be quick and concise.
…if you don’t like the response you get the first time, you might have the opportunity to come back.
…it’s all about searching for answers.

The list was supposed to be longer… but I ran out of ideas. And it turned out a lot lamer than what was in my mind. Oh well.

Today I found out that my knee is probably ok, but it would be wise to have an MRI done. Therefore, tomorrow I go in for an MRI. I forgot how disconcerting a pending MRI can be. It somehow signifies that something terrible is going to happen.

Ehh… Here I go again.

To sum it up… Went to doctor… MRI tomorrow… prayers appreciated…


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