another gray hair?

birthdays, new years, and reminiscing all make a person compare the current year to the past. as yesterday was the beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade as well, it was my sister’s birthday, aaaand i was at a family reunion it’s caused quite a bit of year end evaluation. as we read through the newspapers yesterday they all talked about the best ways to be healthy in 2010, making us all think about and talk about holiday pounds, and our bodies’ aches and pains. we also went back to the days of “cops-and-robbers” out in the snow at any decent family gathering, and how we’re now all growing up, whether we like it or not. speaking of which, today i found another [not the first and def not the last] gray hair. yet, i don’t feel like i’m ever going to be a grown-up. here i am, going back to school. whereas one cousin of mine who is six days older than me graduated, got a job, moved twice, bought a house and who knows what else in the last year. another graduates in may, others are going back to school like me, and still others are married, have jobs and children… we’re all in such different stages of our lives than we used to be. we weigh more/less than we used to. we have different responsibilties than we used to.

it’s all so strange, yet strangely normal at the same time. all that to say, i don’t even know… maybe just this… family reunions are splendid. catching up is wonderful. everybody gets old, so deal with it.

speaking of aches and pains, i’m going to the doctor on monday because my right knee has been giving me fits lately. i’m kinda worried about that one.

i hope family reunions never cease. uncle mike never fails to bring his guitar, the cousins always come up with good stories to share late into the night, the food is always good, though no one can ever decide what we should eat… it really does a body good.

the sad part is they end. as we get older the reunions seem to get shorter. and now not only will i not see my cousins/aunts/uncles for a while, i won’t see a couple brothers for a while… it’s different. the morning will send one back to alaska and soon another off to the air force.

like i said, i think it’s just something i’m gonna have to get used to.

but the past few weeks of seeing so much family has been great. thanks for the memories 🙂


One thought on “another gray hair?

  1. Nuestras vidas siempren están teniendo cambios, y es lo bonito de la vida , siempre habrán momentos que recordar y pontro vendrán días en que volverás a ver a los seres que amas como tus hermanos que no estarán cerca por un tiempo, pero un día extrañas y pronto agradeces por volver a verlos, la vida es así de eso se trata vivir, a los que amamos a Dios todas las cosas nos ayudan para bien, siempre habrá temas de conversación, días para recordar,amigos que saludar, cosas que agradecer y momentos para tener la familia todos juntos, nada de esto sucedería si la cosas no cambiarán día a día, nuestras vidas
    comenzaron cuando Dios nos trajo al mundo, cada día es un dia para agradecer a Dios,
    como el día en que tomaste esa hermosa foto con esos niños en africa, no hubiera sucedido si la vida no cambiará, después de todo nuestras vidas con Cristo siempre cambian para bién y hoy es
    una oportunidad que tienes para decirle a los seres que aprecias cuantos los Amas. muchas bendiciones Chandler

    Dios tiene grandes cosas para ti amiga y para eso muchas cosas tendrán que cambiar en la vida… y todo será para bién… ¨)

    Reflecciones de un Nuevo año
    Jesús 🙂


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