it’s the new year!

here i am, chillin’ out in smalltown western kansas… and it’s always a good time… especially because it has been tradition for many, many years. mom’s family is from out here and even though no one still lives in the towns in which we usually gather, we do it anyway.

i would gladly write more…as it seems fitting to write on the first day of the new year slash new decade…but my body’s lack of sleep from last night is not going to allow that. which, btw, last night was a great time hanging out with many friends, def not complaining.

i needed to blog tonight before crashing because for one of my resolutions this new year i have decided to try to blog every day. i used to blog religiously, and have gotten away from it, more for the sake of not wanting to bore others. yet, i miss having the record of life events, no matter how boring it may be.

i’m not sure if this will last a whole year, as i’m not feeling incredibly desirous of making sure i stick to it… though i may try for a while [that’s def not a good way to start off a resolution – completely unsure if one actually wants to follow through with it]. i also have not decided if i’m going to keep blogging here at wordpress or switch back to my beloved xanga [yes, i still have one].

so, happy new year to each person reading this. look out blog world, chandler’s back.


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