[home again]

Here I am, back in the U. S. of A. I traded warm sunny days for frigid cold, speaking only Spanish to only English, friends for family, walking for driving… my world that I flipped upside down three and a half months ago has now been flipped back right side up… yet it doesn’t completely feel that way. Somehow, when you change things back to the way they were they don’t just flip back… somehow a part of you stays flipped upside down.

So… while part of my heart is still hanging out several thousand miles south, my body is here…  this is where I am choosing to be for now – and of course I love to be here with my family!

I think I’m going to make a list of things I love about Kansas, to remind myself. Cause they’re both just pretty sweet places to be.

–          Though it’s cold, it really wasn’t miserably horrible to change from 75F degree days to 15F degrees like I thought it would be.
–          Pandora works in the States, and I can have all the free Fonseca I want.
–          There is now a Spanish TV station in Kansas, although it only really shows telanovelas.
–          Hugs from brothers.
–          My niece and nephew are going to figure out who I am again.
–          I get to go to Colin’s basketball games.
–          Face to face conversations with my Mom and Dad.
–          A piano in my home.
–          I can drink water out of the faucet.
–          The plumbing can handle toilet paper…
–          Walking outside is much brisker and is quite refreshing.
–          Great friends and family
–          Milk is refrigerated.
–          I can leave my purse by my seat on the bleachers and expect it to still be there when I come back.
–          Cars follow traffic laws.

Not an all-inclusive list by any means… yet enough to remind me why I love my home and why it’s so good to be back.

For now… goodbye Peru; hello USA.


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