[happy december]

The dull pain in my knee reminds me of all the fun I had tonight. And that’s not sarcasm. I decided to throw myself on the court in my game tonight going after a ball. It’s been a while since I played with really any kind of intensity. It was fun. We won our last two games, and I played my best since coming in them.

This week finished up our season in my basketball league. When I tried to hand back my uniform, they told me to keep it; that way when I see it I’ll remember to come back. When I jokingly told them that I would have to find some sort of paying job to come back, as right now I don’t have any money, my coaches began seriously discussing the topic and came up with several viable alternatives for me.


But wouldn’t that be so great to come back to Peru to play basketball? I mean, that wouldn’t take up all my time… but I already have friends here, and places to volunteer, and ways to spend my time. Plus I’d have to work to support myself. Sounds just peachy keen to me.

Then there’s nursing school.

No, I’m not seriously considering the option of coming back right away. Yet, it’s there. I already tear up when I think about leaving Arequipa. I know it’s going to be hard to go home. Not that it’s been all fun and games here. The other day I simply realized that I am no longer terrified like I used to be. Cautious, yes; terrified, no. I didn’t know if the fear would ever go away. But it has. I’ve learned how to take busses and taxis or walk practically anywhere. I’ve learned how to communicate in another language.

I think if I were to stay here longer term I’d need something a little more concrete to fill my days. A little less down time might be a good thing.


I’m down to eight days. I have one trip left… It’s still in the planning stages even though I leave tomorrow. I’ll just be gone a few days. Gonna do a little sight-seeing before I depart. It honestly makes me sad though, to leave my home-away-from-home right before I go back to my permanent-type-home. Yet, I’m excited to see a little more of Peru, and think I will really enjoy my trip.

A little closing thought…

I have to admit my thoughts are flying as my time ends here. Trying to mentally prepare for going back to “normal” life is actually a bit overwhelming. Through my conglomeration of thoughts one phrase keeps resurfacing: “This is the one thing I know…” I may not know much in my 24 years of age, but the One thing I do know is the love of my Heavenly Father. His plan for my life may be unknown, but not that He wants the very best for me. I continue to seek His face en lieu of allowing myself to be completely overwhelmed. The phrase also is the theme of a Sarah Groves song. I will now leave you with a few of the lyrics.

This is the one thing I know
You said you won’t let me go
You said you won’t let me go
You’ve done a good work in me
And you won’t quit till I’m free

And the veil just lifted
I can finally understand
The way you work in me
But even if I didn’t
You are still a sovereign God
Who has a plan for me

-Sarah Groves, The One Thing I Know

Goodnight from Arequipa,
Chandler Ruth


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