under three weeks

as long as everything goes according to schedule, i will be home 3 weeks from today… this also means that i will leave arequipa three weeks from two days ago. i knew from the beginning that i only had one semester to be here [for now]. i knew that i was going to have to suck it up and leave when the time came.

well. the time isn’t yet here, and i’m already struggling with the thought of leaving.

my birthday was great.


i spent the morning making cupcakes for my kiddos in the home… and spent the afternoon helping with homework, eating cupcakes, reading, playing the guitar and singing. my friend jesus has been going with me to the home, and he brought his guitar to teach some songs to the boys. they weren’t really in the mood, so i had fun with it 🙂 i hope he continues to go out there after i leave. he’s a great role model and the boys really need male role models. because it was my birthday i brought playdough. it was great fun.


sarah, marta, and juzceline cooked tons of food and brought games and planned a real peruvian birthday party for me. we talked, ate, played pictionary and charades, stuffed my face in a cake [tradition!], and ate some more. i kept looking around at all the people squeezed into our tiny living room, and felt so honored that they would come. amazing friends have i… i am truly blessed.

having had a lot of free time during the weeks when i’m not teaching, i would have been miserable if i had not had friends to play basketball with, and to go grab coffee with, and to help me get my mail, and to speak spanish with, and to talk about our Lord with, and… i could go on and on and on… my God knew my need before i came… and there i sat with i would guess twenty of my best friends from here in arequipa.

though most of the guests were from church or the classes that sarah and i teach [therefore mostly Christians], one of my friends from the institute came as well. he and i have had some great discussions, as we differ on most every topic. when he first got there he looked really displaced. most everyone else knew others, and i was afraid he was miserable. yet, he stayed til the last group of people who left. he was there when we were goofing off and having a great time, and at the end when we sat around and sang worship songs.

even later…

the guys pulled out the guitar again. it was late. they were goofy. and we all sat around singing popular songs in english and in spanish… live music with friends laughing and talking to end a birthday; is there anything better?

the night ended late. i am now twenty-four. i guess i’m okay with that.

i got up early saturday morning to go play basketball.

spent saturday afternoon at jovenes group. we enjoyed the extra snacks from my party, and i was sang to again. this time i didn’t let them stuff my face in the cake. they agreed. once was enough 😉

came back to the house with friends from church and watched a movie.

three weeks. you know? sigh.

in other news i killed my computer and am currently using my roommate’s. i’m hoping to get it fixed… but you never know.

and that’s it for now.

chandler ruth, signing out.


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