in continuation …

I didn’t get around to finishing my thoughts in my last blog…

While trying to encourage anyone reading that they can serve God no matter what their capabilities, I also want to remind each of us [myself included] that it doesn’t matter where we are; as long as we are serving our Father in some capacity.

I’m heading back home in a month. Such a short time it seems. I’m trying to force myself to come-to-terms with the fact that I am going back to school, by choice. And the reason is so that [Lord-willing] someday I can return to Latin America. However, I also know that it may be some time before I can take another trip. Money, studies, life are all going to interfere. Therefore, I am focusing on having a mindset of service no matter where I am.

People need the Lord wherever they are. Therefore, I encourage you wherever you are to make sure you are seeking out ways to share the love of Christ with those around you.


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