oops… i didn’t mean it like that

Maybe the most awkward thing I’ve said so far [that I’m aware of] since coming here is “In that case you prolly shouldn’t kiss me goodbye tonight,” to a married man. This was said in English, which prolly makes it worse. Don’t worry, I haven’t taken up the hobby of kissing married men. Well, I kind of have. Please, let me share the story with you.

Since coming to Arequipa I have kissed more men than I would ever want to. It’s customary to kiss on the cheek when saying hello to your friends. Usually this is no problem, and I’ve become quite accustomed to it. However, there are times that I avoid it at all costs. And I must admit it’s really nasty if the other person has just been eating and still has food on their lips. Bleh.

So, the story?

At our English Bible Study [that we have in the home of some other missionaries] the other night, we were warned that the guacamole had a lot of garlic. To this I replied with the before-mentioned statement to the man of the house. When heard in context it almost makes sense. Yet…


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