Faithfulness, faithfulness is what I long for.
Faithfulness is what I need.
Faithfulness is what You want from me.

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Ps. 36:5

Is it really possible to be faithful to one’s spouse throughout your entire life?

Don’t worry; I believe the answer is yes. However, today I had an interesting conversation in one of my English classes which leads me to believe that many Peruvians do not think it is possible, nor really necessary.

“After you get married, in about ten years, there may be someone else that you just have feelings for and you can’t help it,” was told to me today.

“If that’s the case,” I replied, “you then you make a choice to ignore those feelings and be faithful to the one you’ve committed yourself to.”

I used my parents’ 29 years of marriage as an example, but even that was thrown back in my face. They informed me that I did not know what was going on my parents’ minds during this time. Nevertheless, I combat that with this thought: I do know my parents’ hearts, and their unwavering desire to follow the Lord their God. That is both why and how they have stayed together for so long; through the grace of God.

Most of my classes know that I am an Evangelical Christian. While I’ve explained it to some extent, I’m not sure they really understand what that means to me. Today I tried to explain that it is because of my standards as a Christian that lead me to believe that is entirely possible and should be expected for one person to stay committed to another.

It was one of the best English conversations we’ve had. It was one of the most frustrating as well. I’m pretty sure we all left the class with our own ideas on life and marriage still very much intact. My hope and prayer is, though, that those listening will think a little on what it means to be committed.

I kept thinking all day about how thankful I am for faithful parents who have been an amazing example to me. And for my brothers, who have been great encouragers as we attempt to live our single lives in honor to our Lord. It’s been especially neat to see Chase and Tiffany enter courtship and marriage together, always striving to honor God with everything they did.

Also, I am thankful for a faithful God, who promises to never leave us nor forsake anyone who chooses to trust in Him. This is the ultimate example of faithfulness. Our God is faithful to us, shouldn’t we then make every effort to be the same?


One thought on “faithfulness

  1. Chandler, you are so awesome. We all know that there are “Ups” & “downs” , whether single or married, but as you said, because God is faithful; He gives guidance thru’ every detail, in his Holy Word. “Heaven & earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matt.24:35 “……the grass withers & the flowers fall,, but the Word of the lord stands forever.” 1peter 1:24b Love you, grandma


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