another edition of…

alright. it’s now time for the next list of “what i’ve learned so far in arequipa.”
– ranch dressing is nowhere to be found. i knew i should have left my jacket and black skirt back home and traded them out for the bottle of ranch that i bought.
– there comes a time in one’s life that no matter how much about another language they know, it’s NOT going to be remembered. yes i know that when a verb ends in ‘er’ or ‘ir’ you change the ending to ‘i’ when speaking in past tense about oneself. however. there are times that it’s just not gonna come out of my mouth and those around me are just gonna hafta deal.
– facebook is amazing for keeping up with people. however, it’s usually not my bestest bestest best friends who are updating their statuses every ten seconds. therefore, i know a lot of things about a lot of people, but certain people still owe me emails. i’m going to start making phonecalls here soon, people. i’m also fairly certain that every. single. one. of my friends will be engaged, married, or having a child by the time i get back. time flies when you’re gone!
– i want ranch dressing for my birthday.
– after dark, or at least after nine p.m., safe taxis can charge pretty much whatever they want from gringas. and they do.
– tall jokes never cease in a short country.
– i cannot live on chocolate. well, technically i could…but my stomach may never forgive me.
– there is a market near the cafe that could put any walmart to shame.
– dominoes makes great pizza in the states and in peru.
– do not. i repeat. do not walk down avenida goyeneche when the boys school is letting out for the day.
– when arequipans tell you that the sun is pretty dangerous here, and to wear sunscreen, listen to them. i have actual blisters on my face from areas that i missed.

i’m sure i’ve learned more than this, but this is what is coming to mind right now. please stay tuned for the next edition of “what i’ve learned so far in arequipa.” thank you, and goodnight.


2 thoughts on “another edition of…

  1. Hey, Chandler, I cannot imagine what it must be like since i don’t even like to drive on campus in Ks; you are just amazing & with so much new knowledge of cultural differences to share. I’m certain you miss us & you knoe we miss you but i’m glad we have this special way of commuicating. I’m rambling a I know; just don’t want you to for get how much we love you & pray for you. grandma


  2. Mom told me that you attempted Misti… darned envious little sis… Actually envious of your entire trip, English classes, Peru, tall jokes, the works… Love you!


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