a whole new world

because i’m still in a city, and there’s buildings and cars and stores and restaurants and a mall, it makes me think that i should just adapt; that being here should be easy and go smoothly. and for the most part so far, it has.

then… i try to get a taxi driver to understand where to take me, and he says he’s got it covered, and soon i come to find out that he really has no idea where to take me at all and i don’t know the city well enough to give him directions. cell phones are amazing in these situations, but don’t really help with the nerves end of the deal.

i must admit when the taxi driver does understand me, or when i am able to give directions and get where i need to without the crazy taxi driver’s help… it feels amazing.

walking is my new found sport of choice. thanks to my trusty pedometer [that i usually forget to wear] i’ve counted up to about ten miles walked in a day. that’s a free piece of info for ya. and if one accidentally walks right instead of left, and the road they take somehow has no side streets or connecting streets for a long ways… well… then one can add quite a few steps to their pedometer [if they’re wearing it, that is].

thankfully, though, sometimes taxis do understand where i want them to go, and i was able to get out of that situation as well.

it’s like that every day. moments of confusion, moments of fear, moments of accomplishment, moments where i have no way of surviving except putting my complete trust in Jesus Christ my Lord.

i remember when i was a little girl and i was terrified in the night. i would run into my parents room and find comfort there. in fact, it became such a normal occurance that we fashioned a makeshift bed beside theirs so that i didn’t even have to disrupt their sleep. it was usually enough for me to just be in the same room with them. then there would be nights when i was so scared that i needed a hug and a prayer, but i didn’t want to be the obnoxious child and wake them up. i would stand at the end of their bed and whisper their names, afraid to wake them up, yet more fearful of the darkness and being alone. they would always hug me and pray for me, and then everything was okay.

here, i don’t have that option. i mean, i guess sarah would probably let me crawl in bed with her when i am scared, but… uh…

in my moments of fear and confusion and feeling like a complete moron i am claiming this verse:

fear not, for i am with you. be not dismayed, for i am your God. i will strenthen you. yes, i will help you. yes, i will uphold you with my righteous right hand. isaiah 41:10.

things are good here. nights are hard.

when you think of praying for me, please pray for safety. and that i would trust in God for my safety so as not to be afraid.

i know that i’m going to experience amazing things while here [like possibly climing the volcano misti, and just the whole experience of living outside the states], but right now i’m just worried about getting through each day.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. psalm 46:1

with love from arequipa, chandler ruth


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