this day

so far my days have been full of meeting people, spanish classes, practicing spanish, not understanding spanish, asking people to repeat themselves two hundred times… hehe. sometimes i feel like i’m not busy, and sometimes i’m absolutely wiped out from everything that is going on. here are some of the highlights from the past few days… 🙂

welcome to the world, sarah ellen!


i enjoy chillin’ at the cafe and working on my spanish. everyone is willing to correct me, which is good.


marta is teaching us to make bracelets while we work on our english and spanish.


a picture with some of my friends from the cafe…


then i stood up…


more pics on my facebook! the blog is being obnoxiously hard to deal with tonight, so that is all for now 🙂 goodnight!


5 thoughts on “this day

  1. Are those adults?!? They are so short! You can tell they don’t have hiebcsh blood in them. So, I’m confused….what is the cafe? Just a place you hang out or are you working with them?


    • hunter – the cafe is an outreach, and the host of a new church on sundays. the owner is also the pastor of the church. pretty cool! and i’ve been hanging out there, but i’m going to start working there so that i can practice my spanish while there. i’m excited!


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