and so begins my new career as an english teacher. heh.

God is good.

I’ve had a very full day.

I began helping at the Institute today. I get to lead conversational English for a half hour for each class. 3 classes there today. 1 this morning and 2 this evening.  In the last one my throat began to hurt because I had been talking for a long time. When I checked my watch, I had been talking/conversing for almost an hour in that class alone, and I was almost late to our nightly English class at the church. I guess they wanted my help in other classes tonight as well, but I told them I had to run. I made copies on my way to the church, and taught my first class by myself. The reason being…

Sarah has been sick with a stomach bug all day. My stomach has been hurting today as well, but not so much that I’ve had to stop. However, she has been in bed most of the day. Not cool. For that reason I’m going to try to head to bed a little earlier tonight, to make sure I get enough rest. I think we’re both fighting something, but she’s had the worst of it so far.

Back to English. The class went well. No one talked much… I asked them why… no one had an answer, either. However, their faces did appear to be understanding what I was saying. That’s always a plus.  We studied Galatians 5.  A little difficult to explain in someone’s second language. Yet, it was good.

Somewhere in there I took the time to have a Spanish lesson for me as well. I hope I’m learning something. idk. Maybe I should try to write my blog in Spanish from now on to ensure that I’m getting as much practice as possible. I’m trying to read the book “Joni” in Spanish. Good thing I already know the story because I am looooost… 🙂

Prayer requests:
– That I would learn the city quickly. I’m getting frustrated with getting myself lost.
– For Sarah especially, and my stomach.



2 thoughts on “and so begins my new career as an english teacher. heh.

  1. You are sounding like your old self, busy, teaching, and involved. Your day yesterday sounded exciting–they are discovering you and you are in demand now. Don’t spread yourself too thin–gotta reserve strength to hang in there. I thank my God upon all my remembrance of you. Love, Mom


  2. Hola Chandler,
    “Parece que toda va muy bien para ti.” Sounds like you’re doing great! I know you are a real blessing to your co-workers and students. Pretty soon you’ll even start dreaming in spanish. I love your blog, it really keeps us updated and makes us feel like we’re right there serving with you. We’re praying for you and Sarah. You’re mom’s right, don’t over do it and stayhealthy. And PRAY ON!!


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