interesting facts from the past two days:
– miriam had her baby! quickly, too! i went to their house at 9 pm to babysit mark, they left for the hospital a little before 10 pm. and the baby was born around 11. and she came so fast that no one was prepared, and may in fact have met the ground first upon arrival. crazy story. but baby sarah ellen and mama are doing just fine. she’s precious.
– i start [taking] spanish lessons tomorrow. i cannot wait.
– i need a few more clothes than what i could fit in my bag. in my explorations i discovered that it works really well to enter the southern hemisphere from the northern, because everything is on sale in the states that i will soon be needing here! however… the problems are several. one, how to get clothes here, because two, the shirts here are definitely too short for my torso. way too short. we’re working on this one.
– my spanish is like a yo-yo. one moment i’m so excited because i said something right, the next so frustrated because nothing i say comes out right. and then, after an entire day of trying to think in spanish my brain hurts so much that i can’t even say things i know.
– i’m still continuing to get settled in, trying to understand the culture, and find my place. it’s quite the process. hopefully i’ll figure it out before i leave!

goodnight all!


2 thoughts on “factuals

  1. I always like your notes! I hope you can get some clothes. The post office has a flat rate shipping box that costs like $10 to mail, maybe your mom could send you some of your clothes?


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