i wanna volunteer for the us open

yesterday sarah and i went with our neighbors and fellow missionaries steve and miriam christy to buy baby clothes. miriam is due in three weeks. good thing we went yesterday, because right now i sit in the christy’s house, with their two year old asleep upstairs while they went to the hospital. miriam’s been having contractions all day, and thy were getting closer together recently, so off they went.

i’m glad that sarah and i were able to find some cute baby clothes for baby sarah ellen today. because it looks like she’s coming early! we also had a great time playing uno/cooking with marta, and going to her church’s youth/singles group.

i need to go to the bank. but i dread it. the bank charges me $1.50 plus 3% of every transaction. a-nnoy-ing.

i have become enthralled with the great world of the us open. i think after i get back from peru i’m going to travel the country, volunteering as one of those people who shag balls. if you don’tknow what i’m talking about, please watch this video:

and then please watch this one:

anyway. at least i have my next job lined up. i wasn’t sure where to go from here. now i know.

i’m a little bummed that i probably won’t make it to church tomorrow morning. but sarah’s teaching sunday school and i’ll be here with marky mark. it will be alright. i have 12 or so more sundays here! 🙂

hope all is well in the states!

please remember miriam and steve in your prayers 🙂

de arequipa, chandler rut


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