the daily happenings [of the last two days]

daily overviews are never that exciting. yet i feel like i need to do some of that for my own benefit. for future reference maybe?

yesterday morning… my first day in arequipa… sarah and i woke up around eight to meet her friend/pastor to go running/walking. we walked for maybe half an hour to meet him, ran for about 5 minutes, and then walked another hour through town so that i could see the downtown area. it’s more “touristy” there. with restaurants, shops, and other attractions.

we spent the afternoon getting me groceries at the supermarket, after which i took a very long nap. then, i went to sarah’s short basic english class, and afterward a bible study en espanol. i was really happy that i understood most of it! my comprehension is best when there are not a lot of background noises, and when the person is not directly talking to me, so there is no pressure involved. hehe.

we made homemade pizza for dinner; of which i still have one piece. it is ham, green pepper, and one piece was full of spinach. interesting, i must say. sarah put pineapple on hers. i ate my pineapple fresh 😉

we either walk or take taxis wherever we go. walking is best when not carrying groceries, so we of course took a taxi back from plaza vea (the supermarket). and we usually take taxis after dark. it gets dark pretty early here.


well. it’s odd how quickly things wear me out.

this morning i slept in pretty late. trying to catch up. it was nice.

we had leftover pizza for lunch, then headed out once again. we stopped by steve and miriam christy’s house so that i could meet them. they have a two year old son who i can’t wait to meet [he was asleep today, not feeling well], and a baby due very soon. maybe i’ll get to do lots of babysitting in the next few weeks. should be great!

afterward we headed to a clothing store [remember, please, that i am in the middle of a city twice the size of the one that i grew up in. there is most definitely a mall and almost anything else you could want here]. i need a heavier jacket [odd? yes?] and some longer running attire. i brought long shorts, but still, a six foot tall american woman attracts enough attention without wearing shorts. after we accomplished that mission, we stopped by another [of MANY] markets to grab peanut butter and things i forgot yesterday.

then came my favorite part of the day. we went to the coffee shop that houses the church that sarah goes to and where church/bible studies/some english classes are. she needed to talk to someone, so i just sat down at the front counter. eventually the three ladies working behind the counter and i struck up a great conversation. mostly in spanish, but occasional english. then more people came in and we had a great little party while they worked behind the counter and i tried my hardest to say things correctly. it was splendid. i’m sure i’ll be going back, soon. maybe i’ll even get a [unpaid] job there! that would be sweet. they make great coffee, too. i had a “cafe mokka” tonight. splendid, i tell you.

we finished off the night with thursday night english class, dinner at a turkish restaurant [amazing!], an interesting taxi ride home, and making brownies at the house while watching “the secret life of bees.”

so there it is, folks. my last two days in detail.

i have no clue how typical they were. guess i’ll find out soon.

sarah and i have been talking a lot about how i can help/where i fit in with english. we have a couple of ideas, so hopefully i can find my own niche, set up a somewhat permanent schedule soon.

prayer requests:
– that our eyes would be opened to the best ways that i can serve during my time here in arequipa. it may be exactly what we had originally thought, or it may be something completely different. possibly a little of both.
– that God would give me the wisdom and understanding to continue to improve in my spanish. i want to learn so badly! i would love to be able to converse easier. though i am so thankful for everyone around me having patience as i ask them to repeat themselves for the fifth time.
– for mark, the christy’s 2 yr old. he’s not feeling well.
– for miriam, as she nears her due date [three weeks].

thank you so much! love you all!

buenas noches de arequipa. con amor, chandler rut


One thought on “the daily happenings [of the last two days]

  1. I’ so glad for the blog & the continued updates, as are others on the prayer list. Amy told God in prayer group you are so much like Suzie O. & we know God has an awesome plan for you!!!! love & prayers. Grandma


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