a very long day

today has been a very. long. day.

travelling by oneself is not the most enjoyable experience ever. and putting clothes and books in one’s carryons to hopefully be prepared upon arrival makes for heavy carrying.


as tired as my body feels right now [trust me, i’m headed straight to bed], there is much relief, joy, sadness and gratefulness, exuding from me, along with many other emotions.

yuppers; i already miss the fam/friends. and yes, i am so excited to be here. when the plane took off in wichita oh-so-early this morning, i felt a perfect peace within my heart. besides an hour delay on my flight to lima, today went so smoothly. no issues in customs or anything.

my travels are not over, and i already have splendid stories to tell [well, maybe]. but for now i will say goodnight, all. thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support. without you i would not be here.

much love from peru!

– chandler rut


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