getting into the habit

i’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging every day before i get to arequipa. that way it might actually happen!

thankfully, all my transcripts made it in, so i just have to turn in my application for nursing school tomorrow so that i can be considered for the spring term. one thing i can check off my list. need to order pictures for the album i want to take to show off my family and friends [prolly gonna leave many out since i’m doing it in such a hurry. titus and ella will be center stage, of course].

my office has been out of paper almost allsummer. it’s been crazay. my boss runs to office max or the like almost weekly, because supposedly our huge order is coming in every day. but it never comes. we found out that our first order was canceled without telling us. then the second order never showed up. in fact, my boss even ordered from another company to hopefully get the paper in before the first order.

welp. this morning a truck shows up, and a very angry man brings in our paper [i guess he was just going to leave it in the parking lot b/c he doesn’t get paid enough to bring it in??]. a few hours later a van shows up. our other order had arrived! we now have boxes of paper oozing out of every spare inch of floor space [okay, that’s a lie. our office is huge and it hardly makes a dent in floor space, but it’s like 90 boxes of paper!]. it’s my job tomorrow to get it put away near all the printers. alright by me. first of all, i’ll take a workout in any form… and secondly, i got the a-okay to wear shorts and a tshirt for while i’m moving it around. lol. i love my job.

that’s it for tonight. i’ll catch ya on the flip side.


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