Our First Lear Family Puke Story

I’m not sure if you saw my status a couple days ago, but this Lear household has officially experienced our first twin stomach bug. The extra interesting part was that we weren’t even home, we were at Papa’s house in Garden City. I’ve never seen my babies so vulnerable and hurting as when they were not feeling well and there was nothing any of us could do to fix it.

The night started out great! We put the boys to bed and then played Ticket to Ride with the cousins. Right about midnight when we went to bed, Boydy woke up teething. Things went downhill from there. He and I were cuddled on the couch in the living room when we heard Troy wake up whimpering.

Troy rarely wakes up in the middle of the night.

It took Luke a few minutes to wake up, but he did. Instead of taking Troy back to bed with him, I heard Luke come out to talk to me.

“He threw up everywhere. What do we do?”

He was right. You might not want to read further if you get queasy easily. There was puke everywhere, including all over Troy. It looked like he’d gone swimming in it.

At this point we had two crying babies because Boydy was mad I’d set him down and Troy was just miserable.

I gave Troy a quick bath while trying to comfort Boydy and while Luke cleaned up the bedroom.

Problem. After the bath he still reeked.

New plan. Luke took Troy to the shower and Boydy and I tried to finish cleaning. Thankfully, Papa came upstairs about this time, because we really needed an extra set of hands.

We got Troy all cleaned up and in new pajamas. I picked him up to go lay down and guess what? He puked again, all over both of us.

We all finally got cleaned up and settled back down. This time Luke with Boydy in the living room on the couch, Troy and I in bed. We were all sharing a room and didn’t want Boydy to be disturbed if Troy got sick again. Which he did.

Troy fell asleep quickly, with beach towels under his head. I listened to his little self breathing. I wondered what would happen if he got sick in my direction, but tried not to think too much about it.

He was so tired he didn’t even wake up the next couple of times he puked. When I woke him up as I was cleaning him up he would smile so sweetly at me and talk to me.

“Hi, Mama,” thrilled to see me.

Then he would lay his head back down as quick as he could. He just wanted to rest.

We had barely fallen asleep after what seemed like forever of the puke/clean up cycle (but had really been about 2 hours) when Luke came in the room carrying Boydy.

“Boydy’s sick now!”

We were able to clean up Boyd while Troy slept. Luke had the boys repeat the alphabet during their showers because it seemed to calm them down, distract and entertain them.

“A,” said Luke.
“A,” said Boyd. And he stopped crying.

I started another load of laundry. We got Boyd in clean pajamas. Luke and Boyd laid down on the floor on beach towels next to the bed. Boydy fussed for me. I laid down next to him.

He was wiped out. His head on a towel. Face pale. Knees tucked under him. And he looked into my eyes.

“Take care of me, Mommy,” his eyes said to me.

“Always, Baby. Forever, or as long as you’ll let me,” I whispered back.

We took care of Boyd for the next couple of hours and all fell asleep somewhere around 6 AM.

It was a long night.

It was an earlier morning than I wanted, Troy only “slept in” until 8.

Boydy still got sick a few more times after he woke up.

We watched Frozen.

Aunt Kathy brought us pedialyte.

We took early, long naps.

We survived.

Honestly, I’ve been terrified of the boys getting really sick for the first time. I didn’t know how we’d survive. I’m just thankful we did. 🙂

To all of you who’ve taken care of multiple sickies before, we now understand you that much better.

To my precious, precious boys who bounced back so quickly, I hope you will always let us hold you, and comfort you, lay next to you, and take care of you.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect our first puking experience to cause such an expansion of love in my Mommy heart.

Even so, I’m glad it’s over.


Some days I smell like cocoa. 

We had a completely unplanned Saturday today. Luke had to take his car to get an alignment and left this morning while the rest of us were eating breakfast. He dropped the car off and walked across the street to Cabelas. The day turned out to be filled with Christmas cheer when Luke called me and told me Santa was there. The boys and I had to hurry out the door to meet him there, but we did it! Dry shampoo and all!

[Did you all know that if you add cocoa powder to white dry shampoo it hides better in a brunette’s hair? Just for the record, the first time I added it to my dry shampoo I figured out the ratios better and I didn’t smell quite so much like cocoa as I do this time.]

We took the boys to meet Santa first thing. We haven’t talked much about him, but we have read a couple books about him, so maybe they kinda knew who he is? Haha. Either way they weren’t thrilled. They took their picture quickly and were happy to get out of there. Maybe next year they’ll appreciate a pic with Santa?

They had a great time at Cabelas, though! When I take them to stores by myself they pretty much have to stay in the cart at all times (don’t feel sorry for them, it’s their own fault for running off in two different directions!). Today, since it was Luke and I we let them run all over Cabelas and they ran around with such glee! It was a blast just watching them.

We decided to stop by Bradley Fair and check out the stores all decorated for Christmas. Once again we let the boys run down the sidewalk and they ran from one end to the other!  We stopped in the middle to enjoy the giant Christmas tree. It was fun having so much fun with them.

[To fill in the uninteresting details that I want to remember later we ate a yummy lunch at Red Rock, then Luke dropped me off at the IMAX to watch the new Star Wars with my brother (Luke got to watch it last night), and while I waited for him to pick me up I got to check out some stores near the theater. Then we grabbed a BOGO Starbucks on the way to pick up his car! What a relaxing afternoon!]

All in all it was a great unplanned Saturday. And I don’t think anyone could tell I smelled like cocoa 😉

Boyd: Don’t touch me!
Troy: Get me outta here!


30 Minutes is All You Need Sometimes

Ya’ll, today was tough. This week has been tough. This month has been tough. I know someday I’ll be thankful I have super opinionated boys, but when they are whiny and fussy it takes a toll. You mamas know! Boyd is currently getting FOUR teeth in and he does not do new teeth well. In his defense, they take forever to come in and he just has to deal with it.
We’ve also been dealing with other things. Luke found out they were liquidating his department 40 days ago. He had 60 days to find a new job within the company. He’s been working tirelessly to find a role that fits well with him and with his company.
I’ve also been sick several times in the past few weeks. I had a 12-hr stomach bug or food poisoning and lost 5 lbs in a day. It was THAT fun. Then, 2 days later I was covered in hives top to bottom and took a few days to recover from that. It was less than enjoyable. On top of that I’ve been dealing with some other junk and am on my second antibiotic to hopefully get rid of it.
We bought an older car a month ago for Luke to fix up to drive and it has been less than cooperative, so he’s had to spend more time in the garage than we expected. It’s sooo close, but as they say, no cigar.
I’m not sure why all this has hit at once. It has felt so very heavy and some days I just don’t feel equipped to “mom” well. My boys don’t deserve the mom I am when I’m tired. If any of you seasoned moms have encouraging ways you are able to stay patient when patience is far from you, please comment!
I AM SO thankful for my partner in life for being strong through it all. I’m so excited to say that as of today he has been offered a new position with his company, so he gets to stay at a place he loves to work. I’m very proud of him.
These pictures and the video (you’ll have to check fb for the video) I’m sharing with you are how I made it through today. Funny how a mess becomes a gift from God. My boys were soooo needy this morning and I was really struggling. About a half hour before naps, right when they should have been their fussiest, they went into their room and shut the door. Since they don’t know how to open doors yet, this usually brings on more tears and fussiness, but today it didn’t. The boys played happily in their room for at least half an hour. Yes, they pulled all the jeans and pajamas out of the drawers. They emptied a wipes container. They sat in tubs and climbed on their changing table. And they talked, and laughed, and the house was quiet. I have never been more thankful for a mess. It got us through to naps, and they have now been safely tucked into bed for a while. We made it.
I’m headed to bed now to hopefully get some sleep (if only Boyd will sleep through the night tonight!!) so I can be a better mom tomorrow. I’m thankful for a new job and 30 minutes of quiet. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much smoother day!


Of Snakes and Berries

I sent the boys out to play in the backyard.

I NEEDED to get some things done and it was a nice, sunny November day. Gorgeous out.

We have a temporary fence and I can see them from inside the house so I sent them out. I helped them down the stairs from the deck (they do great, but just in case) and walked around to the side of the deck to fix the fence under there to make sure they couldn’t get out.

I needed to put in one more fence post to block everything out so I set it down in just the right place, looked down at the ground and there was a 2-foot long snake sunning himself under our deck.


I let the snake be, because he didn’t look like anything dangerous (how would I know?). Really, I left him alone because of recent issues we’d been having with a couple varmints running around. [I’ve actually never typed the word “varmints” before, and was sure it would be spelled like “garments” with a “v”. But it isn’t.] He slithered off into the bushes and I finished putting in the fence post and setting the fence up.

Then I set my chair up to join the boys in the yard.

Yes, I NEEDED to get some things done, but I wasn’t sure what the boys would do if they found the snake, and didn’t really want to know, so I sat.


I think the snake was God’s way of getting me to sit in our backyard.

A few minutes later I noticed Boyd was picking some berries off a bush and starting to put them in his mouth. That’s when I noticed all the bushes in our backyard had bloomed and were covered with berries.

“Bluebies,” he said. He calls all berries “bluebies,” but he doesn’t pronounce the “L” very well. Makes me laugh every time.

In our backyard there are red holly berries, orange berries that looked like tic-tacs and larger orange berries as well. Maybe even a fourth type of berry out there. They all are in bloom in the fall, though I never paid much attention. They’re really so pretty. And guess what? So dangerous.

I started googling these berries before I let Boyd eat any of them, and I found that holly berries are toxic and can be DEADLY if you eat 15-20 of them. I also read that most red/orange berries found on thorny bushes are toxic at some level or another.

Oh good.

I had almost sent my boys out to play in our backyard with a very long sunning snake in the very place they most like to play and with 3-4 types of potentially (and probably) toxic/poisonous berries they could eat (and/or stick up their nose. I had to help Boyd shoot several back out his nostrils after he shoved them up there before I could stop him…).

They had a great time playing, and I actually got some things done sitting out there, too. I’m super thankful for God’s provision that allowed me to see a few completely unknown dangers and protect my boys from them. I know I won’t always be able to protect them from everything, but it’s pretty great when I can.


Nails, Sharpies, and Mama’s Intuition

I haven’t put hardly anything on the walls in our house.

It takes me FOREVER to decide if I for sure want to put a nail in the wall.

Therefore, sitting on my children’s long unused changing table, I had several types of nails, a hammer, a sharpie, tape, clothespins, string, some bandage scissors, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Why were they there, you ask?

We just haven’t used the changing table since they were super small. I can’t leave one twin in the living room to go to the bedroom to change the other or there are many tears. We end up doing diaper changes and clothing changes on the floor in the living room on a changing pad. Over the past 2 years I’d left things on the table from different projects and since the boys were never up there I hadn’t bothered to move it all. Especially since I still have several things I want to hang on their walls.

I think a mama’s intuition is about the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to hearing a voice from God.

The other day I was standing in the twins’ bedroom and I noticed all the stuff I needed to move. I had the extremely clear thought “You need to move all that, they’re going to climb up on the changing table very soon.” I grabbed one of their toy buckets from the floor and cleaned off the table right then.

Good thing, too.

Not ten minutes later I realized I hadn’t seen Troy for a few minutes. I went to find him and he was sitting on top of the changing table for the very first time. Thankfully he only had a few stuffed animals to play with, instead of markers and nails.

It’s moments like these I remind myself how good it is to listen to that small voice we hear every once in a while. Whether the voice of God (that’s kinda a big claim, haha), the voice of reason, or you just chalk it up to a mother’s intuition, I believe God used that thought to protect Troy. And I’m glad I listened.